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   Mindful Leadership - Prepare today for tomorrow's growth
Globalization, Industry 4.0, Agile Development, Business Re-engineering, …      We all know the stream of buzzwords only too well. These words are describing the continuously changing business environment with a growing complexity. The need to cope with change and complexity has greatly influenced the re-thinking of leadership in successful organizations.

The contemporary leader is focusing more on questions like ‘How can I help you?’ and ‘How are we going to do this?’ rather than using a ‘Do what I say’ approach. For the winning leader the focus is about engaging and enabling teams as a basis of success. For example, a disengaged workforce has a negative impact on your operating income and could cause a 33% decline (Tower Watson’s Workforce Effectiveness Study, 2009).

As a response to the shift in leadership thinking the concept of Mindful Leadership has developed. The concept of Mindful Leadership is to build and foster effectiveness in present day business environment. The focus is on releasing full potential of an individual leader as well as of the organization by allowing people to thrive and grow in a purposeful engagement.

For a leader it is important to be aware about responsibilities within the organization to achieve goals. Today, goals seldom can be reached single handed. It needs an organization respectively people who follow the lead or in other words recognize leadership. People follow extraordinary leaders because of their integrity, authenticity, abilities, and values. A mindful leader has the ability to adjust and inspire a team.
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