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   Global Ledership - Operating effectively in the global community
Today, our globally connected world is mirrored by the business environment more than ever. No matter if you are a customer, client, manufacturer, supplier, or any other player in today’s business environment you are dealing with globalization. A globally connected world and a new generation of organizational concepts make cross-cultural skills #4 of the 10 most important skills for the future (Future Work Skills 2020, Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute). As a result, success of an organization in the global business environment depends more and more on how well the leadership can develop a global mind set and builds skills like cultural competence, cultural adaptability, and cultural sensitivity.

Culture matters! As a leader growing into a global responsibility is an exciting challenge and personal development opportunity. The goal is to build capacity in order to shift perspective and behavior based on commonalities and differences by experiencing cultures and individuals with greater levels of complexity.

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