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Global Leadership and Team Development
- A Contemporary Approach -

We think modern leadership development goes beyond teaching tools respectively behaviors and methods. Modern leadership development understands “Leadership as the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization”. Our objective is to enable personal growth and leadership effectiveness and team collaboration beyond management tools and concepts. We help you to create your own development strategy as a starting point and direction for your path to success and mastery.

When considering a complex, challenging, and global business environment culture matters. Minding and bridging the cultural gaps are keys to success for every organization in the global arena. Hence for leaders and teams it requires the development of a global mindset to strengthen an organizations’ competitive advantage. We think understanding cultural differences and similarities starts with the awareness about your own culture, your own values and belief system, your habits. Global effectiveness is the ability to appreciate cultural differences and to adapt appropriately when working with people all over the globe.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with people in small companies and large corporations. My passion for continuous development combined with having lived, worked, and studied in Europe, Australia, and the USA, fueled my enthusiasm for enabling change, enjoying culture, and consulting on both. I’m looking forward to work with you or your organization on your path to personal growth and exceptional leadership.

Lego Serious Play
Cert. Facilitator

Systemic Team Coach
United Kingdom

Accredited Executive Coach
United Kingdom

Intercultural Development
Inverntory, QA

NLP Master Practicioner
United Kingdom

University of the
Sunshine Coast
Sippy Downs

Chemical Engineer
University of
Applied Science

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