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Leadership & Team Development
- Utilizing true Potential -

Being a leader in today’s global business environment brings challenges and requires skills not experienced a generation ago. Today, economies are globally linked to an extent independent of the size of your organization. You experience globalization in at least one, or perhaps multiple, key roles. Among others these roles are customer, client, supplier, member of a global team, global manager, international business partner, etc..

What does it take for a leader to be successful and generate sustaining dividends in this kind of environment? The foundations for lasting success in a global environment are effective communication skills, the ability to build trusting relationships, a contemporary leadership approach, and a true intercultural and open mindset.

What can we learn from Global Marketing?

Aligning Diverse Goals - A Simple Strategy to Solve the Puzzle.

La Dolce Vita - Golf

Enjoy Italy’s atmosphere of inspiration and liveliness for a unique Leadership Development and Golf Experience.

Join Mirella Menti, Mindful & Global Leadership Transformation Coach in Italy in Fall 2018 for a three-day experiential golf and learning program. There is only limited space available, reserve your spot now.

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